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Social Media, SEO, PR and Handshaking

Posted on 3:18 PM by Kim Randall

This past Friday @EdieGalley and I made the trek from the Tampa area to Orlando for IZeaFest. What is IZeaFest? Only the most awesome social experience ever! Shaking hands with Chris Brogan, listening to Julia Roy, meeting Jackie Silver (and so many more); it was a week in Social interaction heaven OFF of the Internet (well mostly).
It was held at Sea World this year and was filled with insightful content, warm and welcoming people, beautiful scenery and activities to keep everyone on their feet.

Everyone took away different things that will help them achieve their own personal goals. What did I take away from IZeaFest? Well I took with me some amazing new friendships, more insight on how important video on the internet is and the reassurance that this is indeed the path I need to be going down (oh and all of that other stuff that I took notes on LOL)

Will I be heading back next year?

Thank you @TedMurphy, @Shamu and the entire IZea Inc. team for a delightful weekend!

Also check out IZea's Sponzai (Sponsored Guest Posts).
I signed up, will you?

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