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How To Twitter When You Are Brand Spankin New

Posted on 7:20 AM by Kim Randall

I know, I know! How to Twitter blog posts are everywhere. They really are and they are informative to many people that have been Twittering for a while already. They however are not so helpful to the brand spankin' new Tweople which is why I chose to write this post.

Twitter is an awesome social tool that is all too often misused and unfortunately many people do not realize that they are misusing it. I feel guilty at times not adding people that are following 1,000 people and only have 28 followers. I am always asking myself "Are they new or are they just a spammer?". Think of using Twitter as being the new person in town. You don't go around passing out the same piece of paper to all of your new neighbors expecting them to read it and love you and you just keep walking to the next house without interaction, or maybe you do. If you do then PLEASE STOP READING THIS POST! It isn't for you.

So step by step I am going to provide you with the steps that will allow you to have a positive presence on Twitter and form contacts and relationships that matter because lets face it, numbers don't matter at all.


Choose a GOOD username. Maybe it's your real name, maybe it's a name that defines you. No matter what the name is just remember that people will remember you by it.


After you have signed up personalize your Twitter page. Provide a bio because we want to know who you are. Add a picture of YOU and not your logo or an image you found on the Internet. BE REAL


DO not go and follow thousands of people. Instead go to the search option and look for people in your geographical location or people that have the same interests as you.


Interact immediately. Watch your Twitter stream and respond to the people that you follow. They are more likely to follow you back if you interact with an @reply


Provide us with quality content. I don't care about bleaching my teeth or how I can get hundreds of new followers in a day, but I would love to read your blog.


Be consistent. Don't walk away for a month and come back expecting thousands of new followers. You may have new followers, but I can bet that they will not be the ones that will provide you with anything more than a spam message every five minutes.


Be yourself! If you love to be funny then gosh darnit, be funny! Being real is what the Social Web is all about. There are many games that you can play if you want to portray a fabricated image.


Organize your Twitter life. Tweetdeck, Twihrl, Seesmic and applications like these are so helpful. You no longer have to worry about refreshing your page on the web as these will let you know when there are new updates.


Enjoy it! If you don't enjoy Twitter then why are you using it?
'nuff said!

Hope this helps all of you newbie Tweeps!

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