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Ups and Downs In A Day

Posted on 12:53 PM by Kim Randall

My Friday started off with a few conference calls, Twitter, and checking my email as usual about 9:00am. Around 11:00am I realized I still needed to figure out what I was going to wear to my meetings for the day because I was for a change leaving the desk and computer to go and shake REAL hands.
I begin my journey to my meetings about 12:45pm and all of a sudden the car begins to shake just a little. I assumed it was only the road I was on, but as soon as I get onto 4 the entire car begins to vibrate. I feel like I am in a blender and begin flipping out. Normally if there is an odd sound I would just turn up the radio and ignore the noise, but there was nothing that I could do to ignore this.
I finally get to my first destination, The Dream Factory and get to sit down with Chris Krimitsos and Katie Krienitz. I was there with David Doerges and Celeste Underwood from Free Networking International as I have been for the past 4 weeks working on their Social Media and promoting their events. Anyways we had an AMAZING time learning about TWBA and talked all sorts of technical, Internet related things. My eyes were sparkly and I was indeed for an hour in heaven talking with like-minded individuals. In the back on my mind however I knew that I still had a situation with the car that I needed to tend to eventually. I was able to forget about it briefly as we began talking about Facebook, blogging and all sorts of other amazing things.
Once we finished that meeting we had to make out way to the Westshore Hotel only about a block over and meet with some other truy amazing individuals. Once again I got into the car praying that it would take me where I needed to go without killing me in the process.
Once at our second destination I realized that the front passenger tire was about 9 months prego and ready to burst. Actually it had a gigantic bubble on the side and the seam was tearing. Scary huh?
So we get to our meeting and sit down to talk about Free Networking International with AJ Puedan, Dave VanHoose and Dustin Mathews. Many amazing ideas were hashed out at this meeting. Some great content was provided to us. We also talked about the Self Wealth Live expo that will be going on in two weeks here in Tampa. It looks like an amazing event, but unfortunately I have a Tweetup the same day so I can't attend.
So as our second and final meeting came to an e
nd I once again remembered that I have a tire about to pop and the only way to get home is to change it.
In dress pants, hair fixed, makeup on and in heels I pulled out the jack, got the spare and got to work right there in the parking lot of the Westshore Hotel. It was such a humid evening (6pm) and I was drenched in sweat by the time I got it fixed, but the point is that I got it fixed and in heels! Women can do anything men can do and give them
an obstacle like heels and they will pull through and get it done.
So 5 amazing new faces and one jacked up tire later I was on my way back home. Once I got home I checked Twitter and Facebook and that's where my day got even better. Someone was giving away a FREE ticket to IZEAFest and a Twitter friend saw it and let them know I was looking to go. I got the ticket (just waiting on the confirmation).
It was a day of ups and downs, awesome new ideas, brainstorming and in the end I received an awesome gift.

I have to thank @retta719 for the free ticket to IZEAFest. It means the world to me! I also want to thank @EdieGalley for looking out and remembering that I was trying to get there. You two are absolutely AMAZING individuals!

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