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Are You A Social Media Expert?

Posted on 9:11 PM by Kim Randall

Far too often here lately I am noticing (with the help of a friend) that so called Social Media experts are multiplying throughout the Internet rather quickly.
Are you one?
If you are I want you to do me a favor....
Answer this one question for me....
How can someone be an expert or a guru at something that is changing day to day, week to week and heck even minute by minute?

I am baffled by the fact that anyone would consider themselves an expert at something evolving and changing so quickly.

I am a Social Media and Online Marketing Strategist and would NEVER consider the word expert in my title. Every day I research new platforms and ways to brand clients on the Internet using the Social Web.

If you are a business that is looking for help with Social Media, beware of anyone claiming to be a guru because the only things they have mastered is Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and heck sometimes Flickr.
Always remember when hiring a Social Media Strategist to make sure their marketing plan involves more creativity than just creating a MySpace profile for you and your brand/business.

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