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Where Is The Customer Service?

Posted on 11:07 AM by Kim Randall

Have you noticed that more and more companies are keeping their contact phone numbers secret and instead insisting that you contact them via email? If you haven't you might want to take a look at it. See for yourself how hard it is to contact someone. I guess this works better because they can hire 2 or 3 people to read/lose emails instead of actually having to take care of the situation at hand. I personally love the internet and all of the possibilities it has, but lets try to keep the customer service.
Here is a great example of the customer service problem:
Best Buy has had MY computer for a month. I have called them and they have nothing to tell me. My computer is supposedly sitting at Geek Squad City?!? Where is this? I have no clue.
Me: Can you call them and find out what is going on?
Corporate Rep: Sorry, they don't have a call center, but I can send them an email
Me: An email?? Seriously? That's what my local store has been doing.
Corporate Rep: Sorry that's the only way to find out. Should take 1-3 days to get an answer, but for your troubles we'll send you a $30.00 guft card.
Isn't that sweet?! A $30.00 gift card doesn't make up for me being tech challenged for a month. This is my work computer, but what do they really care?
How do you handle customer service in your business? Do you try to smooth out problems with gift cards or do you actually go straight to the source?
Best Buy has officially lost me as a customer when it comes to fixing my computer or referring anyone else to them.
Don't let this be your company. Customer service is still something that we need to be old fashion about. Show customers that you indeed do care!

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