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Sites To Take Advantage Of For Any Social Media Campaign

Posted on 9:10 AM by Kim Randall

When it comes to Social Media it seems as if the rules change day to day and week to week. What should you say and not say, where should you spend most of your time, what is the best site and blah blah blah....

Here is my list of sites that I am pretty certain any company can benefit from if used properly. - Yes the photo/image sharing site. Everyone has images, advertisements, snapshots and more. Why not share them on here. Create a following and post away (There is a limit on free photo posting after you reach that limit you can choose to pay a minimal fee OR simply delete older images)

MySpace - Yes you need a MySPace profile and you need to invest some time into building up a following. This is a great way to reach a large number of people all at once. Having a contest? Let your MySPace Peeps know here. (Make sure you keep your MySpace page un-cluttered, too much bling and animated designs will turn people off to checking out your profie and PLEASE do not spam your friends)

Facebook - If you aren't already on board you better get going. Create a personal profile, company profile and even a fan page. (Make sure you keep the app spam to a minimum so you keep your friend and fan base growing)

Twitter - Everyone that has the time to dedicate to "live" Tweeting should totally create an account. If you feel you wont have the time, feel the easiest thing to do is schedule Tweets or would rather spam and not connect, this is NOT the site for you!

YouTube - Do you have a commercial you are running on TV?? If so post it to YouTube too. Have any funny fun.....etc.... Get it on there, just make sure you link to your website.

LinkedIn - This is your professional profile/online resume and a wonderful place to make new connections. Use it wisely.

There are many more sites that I am a part of and you could become a part of too and that is simply up to you. Here they are:
Let me know if you know of any sites I have left off of this list.
Remember this:
1) These sites can be used to update fans and followers on your company/business status.
2) Use these sites to post a copy of press releases (remember to link back)
3) When creating a presence on any site try to keep up with them!
4)Spam will get you nowhere.
5) Provide solid content and build relationships with people.
6) Remember behind every profile is a person so treat each profile as you as a person would like to be treated.
7) Keep in mind that for each site you link back to your company website means that there is just one more opportunity for new people to know who you are and what your company is all about.

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