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My Bucket List

Posted on 10:31 AM by Kim Randall

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean

Words that we should all live by. I have decided to share my bucket list with all of you. These are things that I want to do, experience and achieve before I die.
Life is short and it is time for me to start living.

1) Be a su
2)Learn to play the guitar
3) Write a book

4) Go back to White Pines with my Mom and Brothers

5) Build a house with Habitat For Humanity

6)Write a song

7) Witness a miracle

8) Travel to Italy

9)Take a hot air balloon ride

10) Sky dive

11) Visit Australia

12) See the Great Barrier Reef

13) See Aurora Borealis

14) Take a coast to coast road trip

15) Meet my Mr. Right

16) Have a family of my own

17) Have a family reunion

18) Shop in Paris

19) Visit England

20) Own my own preschool

21) Open my own food pantry to help a community

22) Sell a drawing

23) Write a childrens book

24) Meet Tim McGraw

25) Learn to play the piano

26) Create something and then sell it

27) Make sure my family is happy

28) Get out of debt

29) Be at peace

30) Build my own website

31) Create my own animation

32) Design an outfit

33) Go on a cruise

34) Visit the Bahamas

35) Go rock climbing

36) Go to Vegas

37) Visit or live in NY

38) Spend a week in the Hamptons

39) Watch the ball drop in NY

40) Watch a meteor shower on the beach

41) Own a red couch

42) Find my old best friend

43) Get fit

This isn't everything that I want to accomplish in my lifetime, but it is a good start. Time to get up and start living my life.

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