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Why Do You Use Social Sites?

Posted on 10:04 AM by Kim Randall

Question for the day: Why do you use Facebook, Twitter and other Social sites?

A simple question I posted Wednesday on Facebook and Twitter. I had no motive at all other than I am a curious person by nature. I wanted to see two things.

First, how many people actually pay any attention to any of my posts
Second, I also wanted to learn a little more about my online (and yes some RL) friends.

Here is what some of my Tweeps and Facebook Peeps had to say

cubuffsgirl2009 (Twitter) replied by saying, " I use twitter, et al. to keep in touch with family and friends mostly. It's cheaper than normal means if you think about it." and went on to say in another Tweet "Also want to mention the great people I've found on all sites. It's been great to meet everyone!"

nursebevw (Twitter) replied by saying, "Social media is my link 2 the outside world since I have illnesses that keep me at home. I'm a people person & need that contact." (Follow her blogs here and here and follow her other Twitter here too)

Marco Breinholt (Facebook) replied by saying, "cuz it's part of my biz =)" (You can also find Marco on Twitter here)

Amanda Moore answered my question by saying, "I think actual social interactions have been replaced by these new social mediums. Its so rare that people call other people (or God for bid visit each other) to catch up and socialize. Now it is so much easier and faster to blast it out in cyberspace and text message each other.Its sad because we are not really networking socially anymore. Is sad when you learn about your friends divorce or wedding via FB. But I have to give in because if I wasnt participating in social networking then I would rarely keep in touch with my friends :( sad but true."

Kendrick Wong (Facebook) replied by saying, "Because you are on all of them. And I compelled to follow you everywhere."

There's always gotta be a silly one in the bunch heehee. Kendrick and I actually met in the Social/Virtual world Second Life.
I love everything about meeting people both near and far.

Laurie Lutrell and I go way back to our High School days and honestly if it wasn't for sites like Facebook and we probably wouldn't be connecting. Here is Laurie's response via Facebook, "It's how I keep in touch with friends in Florida and Texas and family that's not so close."

sunilthacker: (via nursebevw) I use Twitter, FB and other sites to interact with interesting ppl just like you :)

KimPossible40 happens to live a town or two over from me. I don't know who found who first on Twitter, but this is what she had to say to my question, " To connect w/like-minded ppl and to gain knowledge of small business owners and I'm NOT here to follow celebs. No thanks."

BigCityNights (Twitter) responded by Direct Message; "To optimize/ publicize the fact that most restaurants have huge community involvement though most of their guests are never aware of it"

It's only fair that I answer my own question, so here is why I Tweet, connect on Facebook and join so many other sites.

First off I think I am addicted to Soacial networking and Social Media LOL, but seriously it is a great way to reconnect with people that I haven't seen or talked to in years. I have found family and friends that I haven't seen or heard from in ages. I also love using these sites to meet new people from not only all over the world, but in my own neighborhood too. It is a great way to make new friends. Who couldn't use just one more friend in their life?
Another really cool thing about these sites is that they don't go away and you find out about people even after they have passed away. My Dad passed away almost two years ago and I still have him listed as my friend on Pogo, I have came across is MySpace pageand other sites that tell me more of who he was and what he loved. Think of your Twitter/Facebook/MySpace as a guide to who you are/were, your online legacy.

I want to thank all of the wonderful peeps that commented or @replied me with a response. Sadly enough I did realize that many people on Facebook and Twitter don't pay attention to other peoples posts/tweets. I started paying more attention to people that I follow on Twitter. I began responding with @replies to people that I don't connect with regularly and realized that even with an @reply many people are having a one sided relationship on Twitter.

What do I mean by a one sided relationship?

It means that a person chooses to only post information, links and news stories and does not retweet or @reply anyone. They seem unphased by anyone or anything and are only concerned with following thousands to get thousands of followers in return.

Twitter isn't a contest and Facebook isn't a race to see who can have the most followers and friends. I say we get back to socializing and leave the spam and cold shoulders behind.

We all have our reasons why we choose to become a part of an online community. What's yours?

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