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My First Networking Event

Posted on 8:16 AM by Kim Randall

So last night my eyes were opened to the world of face to face business networking. Kim Carlisi ( @KimPossible40 on Twitter and Miss Go Getter serving the Tampa area with her amazing concierge services) and I went to the Business Networking Life End of Summer Networking Bash at Ocean Prime in Tampa. The event was business casual and very down to earth friendly. The event was put on by Joe Malinowski founder of Business Networking Life. The cost was $10 with $5 of the $10 going towards Wheels For Success. I would say roughly 70 people made it out and packed one side of the restaurant talking about what it is that we are skilled at and what we do day in and day out. Basically explaining to people what makes us unique, special and what our goals are for our business endeavors.

Being that we were the two Kims I think we made a lasting impression right away. So with a beer in our hands we began talking with people. The first man to approach us was David Doerges, Founder and CEO of Free Networking International. We discussed what it is that we do and then he told us about him. By the end of our conversation things were looking up for me and Kim as well. He is a nice guy with a lot going on in the area. You really need to check out the site HERE (again) and subscribe to the newsletters.

From there many people approached us including; Jeramy Colvin from Send Out Cards. Now this is a business that I wish I had thought of. If you are notorious (like me) for forgetting important days like birthdays, anniversaries etc.. then you NEED to check out this site. Also this is very good in the corporate world to show employees, clients and potential clients that you do care and keeping things on a professional level with a hint of personal mixed in. Who doesn't love getting a card in the mail?
Next on the list is Brian Wallace of WorldVentures. If you think that your workplace morale needs a boost or you need to increase productivity while reducing burnout and turnover rates, this is your man to speak with. Check the site out here.
Also there was Linda Conley, Associate Publisher for the Tampa Bay Woman Newspaper, and she was such a sweet woman (not to mention had the cutest ring). This newspaper can be found all throughout Tampa Bay and its surrounding communities at places like Panera etc... If you get a chance to pick one up and read one, you will not be disappointed.
Lorrie Zelaznik, Business Development Manager at Business Support Partners Inc. , looked like a veteran to these networking events. Working the room, moving in and out of conversations and then right into ours. I was intrigued by her company and what they do. You can see what they are all about here.
Another interesting fellow I met was Sean Thau, Corporate Consultant and Trainer at Partners Prosperity Consulting.
That takes me to the final person we met that night, Mr. Leon J Donovan. Let me tell you, this man knew both Kim and I from Twitter and addressed us as our Twitter names. I definitely found that to be amazing in itself. Now Leon and I talked about all sorts of geeky stuff, social media, Second Life and Twitter of course and that's when I realized that I had a lot in common with him. He is a wine consultant for Time for Wine and right away the ideas began flowing i my head, almost like wine into an empty glass (hehe had to go there). SO I suggest you check Leon out here and that you make it out to the next networking mixer because if I didn't find it to be a waste of my time, neither will you.

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