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RIP Michael Jackson

Posted on 11:16 AM by Kim Randall

Michael Jackson will undoubtedly be known as the "King of Pop" for hundreds and hundreds of years to come. He was known for the moonwalk, sequined white glove, amazing vocals and so much more. I grew up in a time where we knew exactly what the moonwalk was and wearing one glove always brought on a funny joke about being Michael Jackson and usually ended in a kick and scream.

Unfortunately I also grew up during the times of Michael being accused of horrible things. I didn't get to see Michael at his highest point in his career. I didn't get to experience first hand Michaels' debut of "Thriller" and I didn't care about MJ performing at the Superbowl. I was only 12 at that time. So I was so excited to hear that he was coming back with his UK tour. It was bound to be a comeback that people would talk about for ages and unfortunately that comeback was destined to never happen.

In the past week or so I have learned a lot more about this amazing man. Everything from the Jackson 5 days to his last night practicing before his unfortunate death. He may have had some issues, but don't we all? He lived in the spotlight and nothing was ever secretive when he was a child. In fact he was denied having a real childhood. I bet you too would be a bit screwed up if you had to go through what he did.

I realized a lot about people after the news of his death. I realized that people are quick to judge (*cough* Perez Hilton *cough*) and that politicians should NOT be on tv making false accusations about a man that had just passed away. Would he want his children to read and watch things about him like that?? I doubt it AND lets all remember that Michael was not convicted and he still had custody of his own children. If he was guilty of anything those kids would have been taken away.

So I watched the memorial yesterday and not only was it touching and emotional, it proves that the world loved Michael as much as he loved the world. He had a send off fit for a King and one that was well deserved. I was very happy to hear his daughter speak. I hope she set some people straight with h
er loving words about her Father. (shame on Perez Hilton again for his snotty remarks, remember the word KARMA buddy).

Not on
ly was Michael a Pop icon, but he was a father, brother, son, friend, idol, role model, husband (a couple of times LOL) and most of all a man with a heart and feelings. If he was watching he would see how much he was loved. Heck, I never knew Michael Jackson personally and I honestly never owned one of his albums, but I knew his songs and now through his death I feel like I know him more as a person.

May he finally be at peace.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009)

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