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What Does Your Business Card REALLY say?

Posted on 12:40 PM by Kim Randall

So this past week I had the task of coming up with some business card designs for the company. Some for the Sales Associates that will be working with us and some for the executives in the company. I got to thinking about just how much of a marketing and branding tool a business card really is. What does your business card say about you? Does it say that you are still sitting in the 90's when it comes to how you want to promote your business? Are you unique or are you still using the same plain business cards as everyone else? Take a look at the examples below and you decide for yourself which concept catches your eye.

I personally chose to step outside of the box. I mean, I deal with an online career site so I thought I should go with that theme and this is my final product.
This might not be your ideal business card, but for me it is unique, innovative and eye catching.
Remember to use your business card as a way to better brand yourself through your business.

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