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What Do Busted Knees, Social Media and Gary Vaynerchuk All Have In Common?

Posted on 4:33 PM by Kim Randall

My day yesterday.

Yep, you heard right. Let me start you all off at 8:45am on 1/6/10.

So I was all dressed and heading out the door. Laptop…..CHECK, camera…..CHECK, notebook…..CHECK. All ready to my first meeting of the day. My first meeting where I was under the impression that I was going to see where I could fit in with helping out in the Social Media aspect of business. That was in fact the impression I got when I spoke with the person on the phone the week before.

So I drive into Tampa, park and walk a few blocks IN THE COLD to meet up with these two individuals. Long story short…I wasted a lot of time putting together a strategy to propose to them and instead was proposed to. I wont get into exactly who or what, but I felt deceived and that feeling isn’t good. My time could have been spent working, blogging, Twittering or simply just not there.

So I left there and while in the parking lot just fell… No reason for it. I know how to walk, my shoes aren’t too high. It just happened.

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