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Selling - Authentic Neil Armstrong Autograph

Posted on 2:41 PM by Kim Randall

My Father started collecting autographs in the 1960's.
He would write to celebrities, politicians and well anyone that would take the time to send him back an autograph.
My Dad became pen pals with some and received AMAZING and Authentic autographs from over 300 people throughout the world. Since my Dad has passed away he has left us his legacy, but also an insurance in the value of them. We are at a point where we need to sell some or all of them. We have done our research and do have an idea of what they are going for. There are a few up on Ebay and MANY more to sell. You can see lists (and some images) at

If you are interested in placing a bid on any of these please email me at kim1980berly[at]gmail[dot]com or call Kim at 813.516.4808.

PayPal is the best form of payment.

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