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The Local Deal For 1/14/10 - Worcester / Shrewsbury, MA

Posted on 9:32 PM by Kim Randall


The Local Deal for 1/14/10

$7.00 gets you a Certificate for $15 toward any food or beverage at WAH-BO in Shrewsbury

Hello, Locals,

Are you tired of the same old, same old?  It’s lunch time and you’ve been working up a storm and just know that you’d like to see something different on a menu for a change?  Or maybe you’re wondering how you can appease all your friends at lunch... who will get their way this time?  Let’s see, there’s the vegetarian, the health nut, or how about the one who wants REAL food, the kind that will hold them off till dinner and then some.

Well, ponder no more.  The Local Deal has the answer to your dilemma!

Company Info

Say what!?
Yeah, we get that one a lot. WAH-BO is an acronym for "We're All Happier & Better Off."  The team who started this fresh and edgy, fast-casual, food concept is hands-down happier & better off  being here.  Additionally, we promise that you'll be happier and better off when you visit us. You'll have to come in and find out why...

So what's the dish?
We serve fresh, flavorful food, made with wholesome all-natural ingredients whenever possible.  Our grilled all-white meat chicken is hormone-free and our beef and bison roamed free when raised in Montana.  Simply put, GREAT FOOD at a GREAT PRICE!  It's frickin' good eatin' baby.

Can I eat healthy at WAH-BO?
Well that one is a no-brainer!  Not only do we offer healthful foods, but we have WAH-BO menu items for the athlete.  You can be as healthy as you want to be or need to be at WAH-BO. Whether you're in the mood for a super clean, grilled chicken salad, one of our CHIK Wraps or a protein shake, you'll find what you need.

What if I don't want to eat healthy all the time?
If you just can't stomach another leaf of lettuce or have made an allowance in your diet for a burger or crispy chicken wrap, there's no better place to go.  Our signature PSYCHO CHIK WRAP, JACKED-UP CHIPOTLE BURGER or BUSTIN' OUT CHZ BURGER will satisfy you're cravings without breaking the bank.

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