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The Local Deal For 1/13/10 - Worcester / Northboro, MA

Posted on 9:19 PM by Kim Randall


The Local Deal for 1/13/10

For ONLY $10.00 you can get a

Gift Certificate for $20 toward anything in the store at O’Driscoll’s Fresh Butchery in Northboro, MA

Early Bird Special: Be one of the first 5 people to buy and receive a 13 oz. Butcher Bill Marinade absolutely free - a $4 Value

Take advantage of this deal by clicking HERE

This deal ends at 11:59 1/13/10

Remember how simple life used to be?  You were having some guests over and you could just run down to the local butcher, for not only something really tasty and impressive, but you could also get the lowdown from the man himself on preparing your meal!

Ah, it always came out just right, didn’t it?  No surprises there!

Somehow, we’ve allowed ourselves to become a society of mass production.  The foods that we used to indulge in all seem to taste the same…..  We’re herded into crowed stores, pay top dollar for food with shelf lives longer than, well, we won’t go there.

Okay, it’s 2010 and changes are in order!  It’s time to simplify and enjoy your life more!  Eat tastier, healthier foods.  You choose the portion sizes, not the store!  What a concept!  My friends, The Local Deal is here to make your day!  We have a great place for you to check out O’Driscoll’s Fresh Butchery in Northboro.

Take advantage of this deal by clicking HERE

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