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The Local Deal - 1/26/10 - Worcester, MA

Posted on 4:39 AM by Kim Randall

$12 certificate toward any food or beverage at the locally-owned Quiznos at 395 Park Ave. in Worcester FOR ONLY $6!

Visit The Local Deal to purchase this AMAZING offer

Early Bird Special: Be one of the first 5 people to purchase this offer and you will also receive a Free Medium Drink and a Bag of Chips!

Value $12
Discount 50%
Savings $6
Deal Price $6


Visit The Local Deal to purchase this AMAZING offer

Hurry, hurry, hurry... So what’s the rush?  I know... things to do, people to see, kids to cart around... never enough time!  That seems to be the one complaint we all have in common.  And most of us are always stopping by the places we count on in a pinch to fill us up, energize us, and keep us on schedule.  That’s right.  Our Fast Food Friends!  What would we ever do without them?  The problem is, how do we keep from eating the same menu every week?  Let’s mix it up for a change, eh?  Instead of those burgers and fries, how about some delicious, warm toasty sandwiches and soups and salad?  And how would you like to choose from over 20 items with 500 or less calories?

Well, never fear, The Local Deal is here!  We’ve got a mouth-watering special for you today, and one that will keep you on your schedule!  This is soooooooo good!  For only $6, you’ll get $12 worth of delicious, quick and easy fixes for your hunger on the road!  Don’t waste time.  Click on the “BUY NOW” button and purchase this honey of a deal at Quiznos on Park Ave in Worcester!

Company Info

We're a little bit different in nearly everything we do.  Think all sub sandwiches are equal? Horseradish!  Toasting is a wake-up call for flavor!  We've been sandwich-toasting fanatics since the first day we opened our doors.  Everything -- even the Flatbread for our Salads -- gets toasty at Quiznos.  Our signature toasting style gets you crisp edges, melted cheese, sizzling meat, and warm bread.  Heck, if it doesn't come from Quiznos, it's gonna leave you cold!

You can't fake quality.  No mystery meat here - we offer high quality meats, sliced daily, melted cheeses, signature sauces and toasted artisan bread for all our sub sandwiches.  If you want mystery, go to the public library.

You can tell us how you want it.  Our Chef Zach is an expert at making sub sandwiches, but you're even more of an expert when it comes to your taste.  We offer 23 original sub sandwiches, but you can put on your own spin.  Make your sub sandwich your own.  Spice it up with our Pepper Bar.  Just don't jump over the counter to make it yourself - we've got big, hot toasters back here.

Visit The Local Deal to purchase this AMAZING offer

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