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The Local Deal - 1/21/10 - Worcester, MA

Posted on 10:17 PM by Kim Randall

The Local Deal for 1/21/10

$10 toward any food or beverage at Sol of Mexico takeout restaurant, on Pleasant St., in Worcester

Early Bird Special: Be one of the first five people to purchase this offer, and you will receive a Free package of Corn Tortillas

Visit The Local Deal to take advantage of this deal

If you’re looking for a change of pace to your menu tonight, how about Mexican?  You don’t have to travel to Mexico to get a great deal on true, authentic Mexican food!  Just trot on over to the Sol of Mexico takeout in Worcester, where you can be assured your selections are made fresh daily!  Enjoy…….. no cooking tonight!

Emma Acevedo, Owner of this takeout specialty shop, opened the doors of Sol of Mexico fifteen months ago.  She had a vision and started with different flavors of her one menu item, the homemade tamales.  Imagine the pineapple/corn tamales!  Word got out as she had a booth at Main South Farmers Market and her customers told their friends.

You will be happy to know that in addition to her authentic tamales, you can now choose from an assortment of delicious items, including guacamole, salsa, corn tortillas, burritos and enchiladas!

And the Sol of Mexico will not break your bank either!  Prices range from as low as $1 for the cuchorroz to the most expensive item on the menu, the enchiladas, at $6.50.              .

Mmmm...   I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!  Don’t wait!  Buy now and try this Take Out tonight!  Widen your horizons!  Enjoy what the rest of the world has to offer!

Visit The Local Deal to take advantage of this deal

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