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Saying Goodbye To 2009

Posted on 10:08 AM by Kim Randall

2009 has been a year full of ups and downs.

For myself, I have gone from working for someone else, to now working for myself.

I have also made many amazing new friendships both irl and Online.

2009 has been a very rough year for many. Unemployment rates have skyrocketed, stock market has become unstable, stable, unstable and well we could keep going with that one. We have seen major floods, hurricanes and blizzards.

Our first African-American President took office.

Twitter and Facebook became the “it” Social Networks leaving MySpace, Friendster and many others in its dust.

Social Media became the "cool buzz phrase"

Businesses started embracing the digital world of Online Marketing

We lost many famous faces: Michael Jackson, Adam Goldstein, Bea Arthur, Brittany Murphy, Dom DeLuise, Farrah Fawcett and many more (see a more complete list HERE)

2009 has been the year for many startup companies, for YouTubers to make some real cash and unfortunately for spammers and scammers to come out in full force.

What are some of the things YOU will remember about 2009?

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