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Tampa Bay Market Your Business Expo & Networking Event

Posted on 5:10 PM by Kim Randall

Tampa Bay Market Your Business Expo higer res

The NEXT BIG FNI EVENT. Why will this be FNI's best event ever? Because we survey YOU to make sure we give you exactly what you want. We are passionate about making EVERY EVENT BETTER THAN THE LAST.
You want MARKETING SUCCESS, right?! Then we are going to give it to you!
Yes, what you will get will be worth many hundreds, even thousands of $'s.
Your admission: $10, Click HERE to get your tickets.
Why, when you would expect to be $100+? Because the FNI Mission is to "Help people get the contacts they need to advance their business and achieve their dreams, and to create a cooperative and abundance based business world."
We want to completely eliminate your monetary considerations and your risk (money/time) for coming to this event. We want to achieve our mission, period! We want to give you value beyond your wildest dreams!
Expo Tables: $75 which include 3 admission tickets ($30 value). Net cost for Expo Table = $45! There will be at least 200 attendees! Again, no risk for you. We will refund your $75 if you are not certain you have gotten $75 in business. We are giving you 3 admission tickets, so you can "man" your table and take turns experiencing the Event. Expo tables are already going fast, so don't wait, we WILL be sold out. Click HERE to secure your Expo Table for your business.
Note: We announced tables we were SOLD OUT, but we have reserved additional space for 10 more Expo tables ... these will go fast!
Send to a Colleague
Send to a Colleague
Delicious food for our event will be supplied by our FOOD SPONSORS! Contact or call (727) 542-8686 if you would like to be a food sponsor.
Speaker Presentations:
3:00 pm: Product One is You ... Selling From the Inside Out! - Debbie Lundberg
4:00 pm: How to Balance Traditional and Internet Marketing, - Walt Morey
5:00 pm: The Power of Being Extremely Positive and Expanding Regionally, Nationally and Internationally - Berny Dohrmann
6:00 pm: Retaining Customers and Getting Referrals from Current Clients - CSP Sheryl Nicholson
7:00 pm: How to Build a Following Online - Chris Krimitsos
Berny Dohrmann - Berny Dohrmann head shotChairman of inventor of a new classroom technology for public schools Licensee partner with the University of Alabama Huntsville in developing the world's first and leading Entrepreneur Degree program for higher education worldwide.

Bestselling author. Radio show host. Movie writer producer. Berny Dohrmann is entering a third decade of offering education and training systems to private industry and government. Presently Mr. Dohrmann is working with leading celebrity trainers including Anthony Robbins, Dr. Jeff Magee publisher of THE PERFORMANCE MAGAZINE, Ed Bogle, contract adviser to Conoco Oil, and many more, on CEO Space's 2009 SOVEREIGN NATION PROGRAM.

The SOVEREIGN NATION PROGRAM complements the five WORLD TRADE SHOWS Mr. Dohrmann produces each year for industrial CEOs and their management, with "in nation" training for economic development of participating host countries. Mr. Dohrmann's next book the COOPERATION REVOLUTION - REDEMPTION defines the death of the first generation of competitive capitalism with all of its abuses and the birth of the future of cooperative, collaborative capitalism, the next generation of capitalism.

Mr. Dohrmann is a world change agent, advising CEOs of the largest industries, as well as heads of state. Mr. Dohrmann is known as the coach of the coaches, advising celebrity thought leaders with past relationships that include Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup, Bob Proctor and Lisa Nichols stars of THE SECRET, John Gray of MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS fame, Jill Lublin bestselling author of NETWORKING MAGIC and many other celebrities and adviser coaches. Mr. Dohrmann also works with William Shatner and his Entrepreneur television series, frequently appearing as a guest on the show.

Mr. Dohrmann makes his home in Florida with his September and their children Daniel and Preston, complementing Mr. Dohrmann's raised kids Tony, Jennifer, Jason, Lora, Ryan, Justin and Dylan. One of nine himself, Mr. Dohrmann remains puzzled how he "became his father" with the same nine in his family that he himself was raised in, Berny states"I love my career as "Dad" more than any other." Berny's father, Alan Dohrmann, was a leader in corporate training coaching such figures as Napoleon Hill, Bucky Fuller, Walt Disney, Earl Nightingale, President Jack Kennedy, and many others creating the world stage Berny Dohrmann grew up within.

With Super Teaching rapidly reforming public education (now Title I qualified technology in the USA), Mr. Dohrmann is expanding his family legacy with the 2009 release of the CEO SPACE Sovereign Nation Program for rapid Entrepreneurial Development helping nations to prosper during the developing recession. Jack Canfield writes "if you ever get the chance to see Berny Dohrmann live, cancel every other plan and reset your compass to do so." Many of the most important world change thought leaders in both industry and government seek out Berny Dohrmann's counsel for their new plans.

Prior to forming Mr. Dohrmann operated for many years as Chairman of publically traded investment banking firms conducting billions of dollars of business in over fourteen countries. Mr. Dohrmann's financial-forecasting newsletters provide GPS direction to apply when making forward fiscal plans for a growing list of the world elite. Mr. Dohrmann recent publication releases include LIVING LIFE AS A SUPER ACHIEVER and PERFECT "CAN" BE HAD. Mr. Dohrmann's mantra - IF YOU CAN DREAM IT THEN YOU "CAN" DO IT !
Sheryl Nicholson
CSP Sheryl Nicholson - if the name sounds familiar it might be because you've seen her on TV or heard her on talk radio. She's known as the Chicken Soup Inspirational Speaker because of her stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul. She's shared the stage with Joan Rivers, Zig Ziglar, Thom Hopkins, Deb Norville and President Gerald Ford. She's respected because she's bottom-lined oriented and brings passion and authenticity to the platform.
More info:
Certified Speaking Professional:
Awarded to the top 8% in the Speaking Industry,
She is One of 128 Women in the World to Hold this Designation
National Speakers Association
Past President for Two Terms, Member of the Year Award, George Morrisey Lifetime Achievement Award

Business Experience:
30 years interviewing, hiring, training and coaching employees in various industries
Increased sales 330% in 6 months for real estate developer
CEO. Created a new customer service business that moves communication between customers, employees and 'bosses' at net speed.
Founder and CEO of, a service that listens and empowers the leaders of tomorrow.

Nationally Published Business Author:
Published in Inc., Success, Entrepreneur, The Futurist, Home Office Computing, USA Today,
Chicago Tribune, Health Care Access, HR Review, etc.
New York Times Best Seller Inspirational Contributing Author
Published in Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul, Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul,
Chicken Soup for the Christmas Soul, Chocolate for the Woman's Heart and Soul.

Executive Director for The Life Balance Institute

Nationally Published Life Balance Author:
Published in YM, Parents, Woman's Day, Women's World, Ladies Home Journal,
Real Women, ME Magazine, Living in Balance, Personal Excellence, and more.

Media Guest:
Interviewed monthly on various radio stations. Internet interviews from "Expert Websites" are posted for 24-hour playtime. Interviewed for News Stories as a People Productivity Expert. 2003 Inspirational Woman of the Year Award.

Due to repeat performances requested by Client Companies, Sheryl has a Menu of Topics available so that you can create a program of consistency for long term results!
Sheryl Nicholson
FREE articles at
Chris KrimitsosChris Krimitsos - Chris is a Media & Marketing Specialist and has been featured on every media outlet in the country during the event that happened on His Political show Chris is also the creator of The Wealth Building Annex, (TWBA Online), Internet Mastermind Training Center.

After being thrown off TV not once but twice due to the controversial nature of his show Chris Krimitsos took everything to the Internet and became one of the country's greatest list communicators. He started to build an Online presence through the secrets he learned from the world of LIVE TV. He has since become one of the pioneers behind Web Video Copywriting as well as Vlogging!
His aim is to teach as many people the power of Internet marketing and the power of making money through superior relationship building. He teaches the most complete course on List communicating as well as Video Copywriting!!!!!!!!

Are you having a hard time building a following online?
Well that's where Chris comes in to fill in the blanks...I feel your pain but more importantly I have a solution to your pain.
Remember there is always a solution to every challenge.

Respectfully, Chris Krimitsos
Direct Mobile: 727 858 8131

Blog Site:
TV Web Site:
P.S. Chris and his team are currently building the largest Online Training program in the world! Here's an Excerpt from his Blog: "Commander Blue and I are on a mission to attract an Army of entrepreneurs and help them become Recession Resilient. Join the Revolution and become a member of a movement taking the Country by Storm! We have created a system of weekly meetups to unite people around the world. We have NYC and CITRUS COUNTY coming Alive in the next few weeks. It's a huge undertaking but those of us that were part of the creation of The Wealth Building Annex know what we're capable of. WWW.TWBAONLINE.COM will be the system that will train all Entrepreneurs across the country and keep them up to date with the online revolution. It's going to be Intense! Leaders are already stepping up to lead the vast platoon of soldiers lined up to learn. We will be raising up leaders all across the Globe!!!! Viva La Revolution!!! Long Live TWBAONLINE.COM
Respectfully, Chris K and The Commander
"Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion"
Jack Welch

Debbie LundbergDebbie Lundberg -Prior to starting her own firm, Debbie served a world-wide consulting firm as a Vice President, specializing in exceeding the development and planning needs of business advisors and professional organizations with local companies and Fortune 500 organizations.
Earlier in her career, Debbie was a technical trainer for General Motors along with a sales performer, Regional Manager and National Leader. While with GM, she led courses in sales success, effective interviewing/evaluating and facilitated Go Fast sessions (a version of GE's original Work Out process). While there, she also wrote policies and procedures for training, coaching, managing and mentoring. Debbie prides herself in the fact that to this day, participants continue to report a return on investment for the time spent implementing her proven practices.
If you are searching for ways to enhance your personal and professional impact whileHey, Where's My Bailout cover making bottom line improvements in the areas of communication, time ownership, goal attainment, leadership, presenting, service, and sales, working with Debbie Lundberg, and using the tools provided, will enable you to accomplish those things.

Debbie is a published author of "Have a Nice Day" is Not "Thank You" and "No Problem" is Not "You're Welcome"; "I Need" is Not "Please" and "Sorry" is Not "Excuse Me"; "Maybe" is Not "Yes" or "No" and "I'm Trying" is Not "I'm Doing". Debbie's 2009 collaboration with Todd Josko, "Hey, Where's My Bailout? 5 Easy Steps to Regain Control of Your Life in 60 Days" became an instant buzz at companies and for individuals alike.
"Committed to applied knowledge, growth, fun & ROI."
For more information or to arrange a
consultation, please contact Debbie at:
Click HERE for Debbie's books
Walt Morey -Walt Morey cropped Walt is a seasoned business executive who builds value in firms by helping entrepreneurs cross the management bridge to become more effective leaders.
Walt holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of NH and a degree in Finance from the American College in Bryn Mawr, PA.
He has over 35 years of progressive business and management experience in many different industries with start-ups as well as small and medium -sized businesses and Fortune 500's such as Met Life, Raytheon and MCI. His vast experience includes marketing, outside and inside sales in both consumer and B2B markets, customer service management, training of sales and service teams, individual coaching, product management and pricing, daily operational management, employee management, human resource management, new hire onboard training, employee benefits implementation and management and financial planning.
Walt is an Executive Advisor accredited by the Institute of Independent Business.
Walt Morey
Debbie Lundberg and Walt Morey (see above)
John CoppolaJohn Coppola is the President of Insight Management Solutions, Inc. (IMS), a management consulting company in operation for 20 years. IMS has supported both Fortune 500 corporations with established development methodologies and startup companies requiring business planning and execution.

John is a leader who combines expertise in strategic planning with the ability to transform vision into tactical leadership and execution. He has effectively utilized a process management model to support operations of varied industries over the past 30 years including healthcare, telecommunications, defense, transportation, leisure, publishing, financial and manufacturing.

He has managed annual project budgets over $10M, 100+ associates, and negotiated and managed vendor relationships of over $2M annually.

Entrepreneurs have seen the positive results of his Business Coaching, Profitability enhancement, Cash flow and problem analysis & resolution, Capital acquisition, Contract compliance and Project Management services.

Under contract as COO for Allegro Multimedia, Mr. Coppola defined and implemented the operations processes which enabled the company to triple sales and production.

Mr. Coppola earned a Master of Science in Computer Science from New York University and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Sciences and Art. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer in New York State.

John Coppola 727-422-6900
Insight Management Solutions, Inc. - Business Coaching
Earl Meyer
Earl Meyer, PhD
While in advertising, he pioneered the development and widespread distribution of real estate sales booklets in Florida. During his career in finance, he specialized in the turn around and growth of unprofitable operations and twice earned national manager of the year awards. Further, each of his own businesses reached planned sales and profitability as projected. His food service operation, for example, tripled business in three years.

On the education side, he gained recognition for building under enrolled programs as a program coordinator and a department head and received the Teaching Excellence Award at Eastern Michigan University. He served in national leadership positions as the President of the International Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education and the Vice President for Publications of the Marketing Education Association. And, he authored McGraw-Hill Education Division's, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, now in its fourth edition.

As a Business Coach he brings together his extensive business knowledge and his entrepreneurial and management skills to assist business owners in solving problems and becoming more effective in operating and growing their businesses.

Earl has a B.A. in Marketing Education from the University of South Florida, and both a M.Ed. and Ph.D. in Career and Technical Education - with cognates in Marketing and Management - from Georgia State University. In addition, he is a licensed business coach and a member of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA). The PBCA is an association of coaches throughout the U.S. and Canada who share experience, tools, and knowledge to ensure that the highest quality of coaching services are provided to their clients.

He and his wife, Dixie have been happily married for over 33 years and have raised seven children. They are members of Messiah Lutheran Church in Tampa where Earl has served as Director of Stewardship. They are also members of the North Tampa Chamber of Commerce. In addition, they share a long time hobby of ballroom dancing. And, they are season ticket holders and avid fans of University of South Florida Bulls football.

Earl Meyer
MeyerTeam Business Coaching, Inc.
5522 Winhawk Way
Lutz, FL 33558
Mark BryanMark Bryan, CEO of Focused Results, Inc., is a writer, speaker, and a business and executive coach. He helps his clients resolve business issues and increase profits.
Mark earned his B.A. in Economics at Indiana University and his doctoral degree in law (J.D.) at Valparaiso University.
He has spent the last 35 years working with and motivating people to be achievers and to be successful based upon his unlimited belief in the potential of people. Mark was recognized as an Outstanding Young Man In America and had a street named in his honor for his civic contributions. He served as External Vice President of Jaycees, Coordinator of a Child Protection Team, volunteer firefighter, scout leader, and in numerous other civic organizations. Mark is a Past President of the Business Assistance Counsel, has been active in Chambers of Commerce serving as the Vice Chair of Economic Development, and has been associated with the Tampa Bay Quality Network and the National Contract Management Association. His experience includes retail management, managing partner of two law firms, director of several corporations, and founder/owner of a gymnastics school, marketing firm, a chain of dinner theaters, and Focused Results - a business strategy and performance improvement firm. He has been a radio talk show guest, college instructor, guest lecturer at Stetson University College of Law, and a keynote speaker for civic and business organizations.
His broad base of experience enables him to help many people and businesses in their efforts to solve problems, improve performance and capitalize on opportunities.
Mark Bryan
(727) 530-3619
Rusty FoxRusty Fox has more than 20 years experience in sales, sales management, sales training, and ownership of companies with large sales teams.
As a disciple of the Sandler System, he has successfully trained hundreds of sales professionals in both telephone and face to face sales. He has worked in both Business to Business, as well as Business to Consumer sales dealing in tangible and intangible products and services. After a long career in sales management in Commercial Real Estate and owning several Advertising firms, he purchased a part of the Sandler network, and is now realizing his dream of changing lives by having the opportunity to recover failing sales careers. Sandler is a 32 year old international sales training and management consulting company with 220 locations in the US, and more than 80 overseas.
Rusty Fox
Sandler Training
(813) 751-9992
Diane Cavanaugh
Diane Cavanaugh - Business Consultant,
Diane has served as a business and educational consultant for the last twenty years. Her former employers are DeVry University, Wake Forest University, and Southwest Florida College. At these positions she did public relations, networking and public speaking to encourage continued education.

· Has lectured in over 200 High Schools in NC and FL
Gave "Her World" lectures to Florida Counselor Assoc. to encourage young ladies studying Engineering, Math and Science.

· Coordinated the first "Living Will Symposia" in NC attended by over 200 Doctors from 50 countries.

· Consulted with numerous small business' regarding daily procedures, advertising, and marketing

· Has taught international etiquette to executives

· She has written for numerous newspapers, business publications, national newsletters and is currently writing a book that will be published this year.

Diane's first education was a scholarship in voice at Fontbonne College in association with the Saint Louis Opera Company.

She later studied at Univ. of Wis., Marquette Univ. and Wake Forest University in business and management, specializing in "Business by Objective" and "Time Management".

She is currently a private consultant and is very active in Free Networking, Biz Journal, and various women's organizations with the Tampa/ St.Petersburg area.
Diane Cavanaugh
David Scott
David Scott, Cosmic, President, U.S. Office
For over 15 years, David has provided creative marketing solutions in the area of corporate design and internet brand development. He graduated in 1994 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Arts from Southern Methodist University located in Dallas, Texas. Since then, he has developed effective advertising campaigns and corporate identity programs for several international corporations and non-profit organizations.
His work has been recognized on an international scale for design excellence and has been featured in several publications including Create Magazine, Graphic Design USA and the St. Petersburg Times. Some clients include Jabil, JC Penney, Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Bermuda Department of Tourism and the US Pro Golf Association.
You can find him at
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