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The Importance Of Bookmarking

Posted on 4:20 PM by Kim Randall

Digg, Delicious, Kirtsy, Mixx, Stumbleupon are some of the most used bookmarking sites on the Internet today. Many of you have heard these names and still aren't sure why you should use them and then many of you have no idea what any of those sites are or what any of this means.
In this post I am going to explain the importance of using these sites and many many others.

Social bookmarking allows users to store, organize, search, and manage their content on the Internet by using tags or keywords that are relevant to the web page they are wishing to share. Users can save the content privately as well so they can always come back to the pages that they have stored

Many of these sites allow you to link your Twitter or Facebook accounts to share and spread your content to the people you connect with in your Online life.

Steps For Bookmarking:

Step 1- Create your content
Step 2 - Get an Addthis button to embed on your site or into your blog post
Step 3 - This step will only happen the first time you use these site. You will need to create profiles/accounts on all of the sites to be able to bookmark your content.
Step 4 - Add your content to the sites you choose to.
Step - 5 Don't forget to Tweet it!
That's it! You are now ready to go and bookmark your content the way it was meant to be done.

Other awesome bookmarking tools:

*Social Poster
*Only Wire

Let me know what tools you use

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