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My #FollowFriday Blog

Posted on 11:25 AM by Kim Randall

So just today a great Tweep posted a blog on a NEW way to #FollowFriday. I had never thought much about what all of these recommendations were doing to my Twitter time line, not to mention the unnecessary stress that is added to the site.
OK so according to Dr. Rus Jeffrey's blog, Steve Woodruff came up with the idea to get all of those pesky #FollowFriday posts out of your Twitter timeline and into an updating blog post. Sounds pretty smart to me. These Follow Friday suggestions are great and I do end up finding many new and interesting peeps through them, but I would prefer to keep my @replies uncluttered. Let's hope that this #FF idea catches on and everyone starts doing it!

I have already posted a blog on Twittering and why I think it is a wonderful resource. You can find that post here .

OK so to start off my list, these are some AMAZING and WONDERFUL people I connect with through Twitter:

OK so first follow me, @CaribPOP

Next I suggest that you follow the following Tweeps for many good reasons including the reasons I have listed below.

Friday July 17, 2009

I'm sorry it has been a while since I have updated this post. The truth is that I hate just randomly picking people for #FollowFriday and I would much rather choose and suggest people that I honestly connect with. So here is my list for this week.

nursebevw - An amazing Tweep with a heart of gold
KimberleKelly - She is super-duper funny and sweet.
VAinParadise - Follow her for very informative Tweets
- In need of some smiles?
GeoffWakeling - I love him to pieces and so will you
DJMoReX - A great friend in the Tampa Bay area
BeachMomOf2 - Super sweet Tweep.
jujube5160 - Loves sports and doesn't mind the disgusting links I find LOL
mbreinholt - Awesome guy

Please scroll down to see the Tweeps I have previously suggested.

Friday June 5, 2009

Zfreepop - VP of Green Planet Solution Corp and CaribPOP (not to mention an awesome person)
ST_L_Cardinals - Because I love them!

Friday May 22, 2009
Happy Friday Tweeps! This week I am recommending some people that I have connected with during the week.

Journi -
Listersmate -

Friday May 15, 2009

This #FollowFriday blog is not growing super fast, but that means that I can assure you that the people that I am suggesting that you follow are really great people!
Ok so for today I am choosing some fellow Florida Tweeps

charlestrippy - Because he cracks me up!

Friday May 8, 2009

ShellzJewelz - Awesome emerging rap artist, very nice guy and good tunes! You can check out his new single here
MacBaby16 - Met her through Geeks! She is one awesome chica.
KimPossible40 - Haven't had a lot of time connecting with her, but she is a sweet Tweep!
NTFB - The North Texas Food Bank, Passionately Pursuing a Hunger-free Community. A must follow!

Friday May 1, 2009

DrRus - Super great person! (has great hats too)
Swoodruff - The mastermind behind the #FridayFollow blog
CursedJezzy - Beware of these posts (you might crack a smile)
DJMoReX - Wonderful fellow Tampa Tweeter
DannyinTampa - I call him Neighbor LOL Fellow Tampa Tweeter
Ashworthedu - Great resource
neverMay - I went to Junior High with this chick :-)
RichardBPenn - Has one of the funniest radio shows
AerisPinazzo - One of the sweetest peeps I know (Awesome Second Life designer)
MitShort - One funny man FOLLOW HIM!
JaxStreeter - A very talented musician
michellin27 - My cousin
Openyourize - A super old friend from Junior High

Check back next week for my newest additions!

"Swim With The Sharks!"

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